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So, since school is out and there is nothing really GSA related to write about, I shall ask how everyones summer has been going. So, how has everyones summer been going? Do anything GLBT related? Go to pride? March for equal rights? If you have something GLBT related, or somehting interesting, write about it, or just leave a comment. Whatev. I hope everyone is having a very relaxing summer. I will see you all Agust 20th I believe, when GSA starts back up.

Oh and on other news, in case you did not know, one of the most influencial gay advocates, Robert Rigby, who helped establish the Northern VA GSA network among other groups, is going to be teaching at alls Church! Me & Brian P. are very excited about this.

Ok, that's all.

<3 Zack
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he is? kewls.
ya mon.
I'm happy about it.
alright we need to get together sometime befor the damn summer is over b/c i haven't seen you at all!